Private Fees

Private Fees

The cost of your braces includes everything you need to straighten your teeth to create a confident smile. All your appointments including emergency appointments, one year in retention, bonded retainers if necessary, one set of removable retainers and an oral hygiene starter pack.

Our fees reflect the skill of our Specialist Trained Orthodontic team to ensure the best possible care in providing confident natural smiles in a friendly environment. We understand Orthodontic treatment is a worthwhile but substantial investment. We have created thousands of beautiful smiles over the years and we are experts at it.

If you’re concerned about wearing braces then don’t, we have a range of invisible braces from Invisalign aligners, to fixed clear brackets to Incognito (fixed brackets behind your teeth) so you can straighten your teeth without anyone knowing.

Smile, you’re on the journey to a new you.

Private Orthodontic Treatment Fees
Under 18yrs Private face to face Consultation £35
Over 18yrs Private video Consultation Free
Over 18yrs Private face to face Consultation £50
Full records and treatment plan £200
Metal Fixed braces Starting from £1600
Clear fixed braces Starting from £1900
Iconix fixed braces Starting from £1650
Invisalign Starting from £1800
Incognito Starting from £2100
Removable retainers Price on request
Bonded retainer per arch £180
Vivera retainers per set of 3 £300

Payment options:

At Bedford Orthodontic Practice we believe that private treatment should be affordable and we therefore offer in house payment plans and Finance payment plans with Tabeo.  Please click on the link for the Finance calculator for Tabeo to work out your payment plan.

Please call on 01234 357570 or email if you wish to discuss this further.